Black Truffle, the gold of haute gastronomy


Laumont has been selecting the best fresh truffles for more than 30 years to take them straight from the country to the table.

Considered the black gold of gastronomy, the black truffle – whose scientific name is Tuber Melanosporum – is one of the varieties of mushrooms most valued by haute cuisine. Its powerful aroma and intense flavor make this product an excellent delicacy coveted by the most select palates.

The black truffle has a very fine blackish skin with violet tones, while in its gleba or flesh there are white veins near the skin and a violet black towards the center of it. In Spain, the largest producer in the world, it is harvested from November to March in holm oak forests located between 500 and 1,000 meters high.

Fresh black truffle from Laumont Shop

This gastronomic delight, which fascinated kings, philosophers, chefs and foodies for centuries, can now be at your table thanks to the Laumont company, which has been selecting and cleaning the best truffles to satisfy its customers for more than 30 years. The passion for a job well done and its commitment to excellence mark the history and vision of the future of Laumont.

Of unmistakable delicacy for lovers of good food, the also known as black truffle Périgord stands out for its intense aroma with spicy touches and the exquisiteness of its slightly bitter taste. This product does not allow any type of cooking so it is basically used to decorate and give a characteristic flavor to pasta dishes, salads, etc. «It is important to combine with soft flavors to appreciate all the magnificence of the black truffle», explain from Laumont, which currently exports this ‘black diamond’ to more than 30 countries around the world. In addition, as they point out from the company, it is a very rich product so it does not take a lot to enjoy its flavor.

Black truffle, the gold of high gastronomy

The best way to consume the black truffle is to make it fresh, but to be able to use it throughout the year, it’s recommended to freeze it. Thus, when its use is required, only the desired quantity will be taken, preventing the rest from being thawed. In addition, to ensure the conservation of its properties, it is necessary to wrap it with transparent film. «It is important to ensure that the truffle does not breathe, otherwise it will lose its aroma», advise from Laumont, whose trajectory is marked by constant innovation, rigor and team culture with a single goal: to always select the best.

Laumont has two selection centers in Tàrrega and Valladolid, two strategic positions to be as close as possible to the production areas and deliver the products with the greatest possible freshness in the central markets of Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao. They also have an online store –Laumont Shop– from which they process national and international orders in 24 hours, cold and very safe so that the truffles go straight from the field to the table. The product is shipped with a porexpan packaging designed to guarantee maximum quality, aroma and freshness, without breaking the cold chain throughout the journey.

Photos: Laumont Shop

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