Cheesecake from ‘La Viña’


Dare to make the famous recipe of this restaurant from San Sebastián

Although famous for its pintxos, San Sebastián also enjoys high recognition in the world of sweets, mainly for the cheesecake they make at La Viña Restaurant. Located in the old town, every day they prepare more than 50 pieces.

People from all nationalities pass through this establishment every day, trying to taste a piece of this sweet, which has become popular in recent years. If they go at night, they run the risk of the cheesecake being over.

The secret, they say, is in «creaminess and in a slow curdling out of the oven«. Its ingredients are the simplest: fresh cheese, eggs, sugar, cream and a tablespoon of wheat flour or cornstarch.

Dare to prepare this easy and irresistible sweet that will delight those with a sweet tooth.

Tarta de Queso de La Viña
Cheesecake from La Viña

Ingredients for 8 portions

  • 570 g cream cheese
  • 4 eggs
  • 230 g of sugar
  • 280 ml of liquid cream (minimum 35% fat)
  • 1 tablespoon wheat flour

Step by step elaboration

  1. Weigh and gather all the ingredients in a deep and wide bowl. Beat until homogenized, using electric rods, manual rods or a fork.
  2. Moisten a sheet of vegetable paper and wrinkle it to make it malleable. Cover with it the base and sides of a mold of 18 cm and its walls. Let the leftover paper reach out of the mold.
  3. Pour the mixture into the mold and cook it in the lower part of the oven, preheated to 210 ° C, for 40 minutes.
  4. Turn off the oven when the cake is curdled and let it cool inside.
  5. Store in the refrigerator until the moment of consumption.

‘Harmonies in Flavors and Fragrances’ by Juan Muñoz Ramos.

«Sweet and creamy moments with a fresh background and a sweet-bitter tip», this is the harmony according to my experience, where the lactic fragrances of a quality cheese are mixed with a wise preparation for these two special products. On the one hand, a water, a drink that should never be missing on a table, S.Pellegrino, fresh and very balanced whose bubble explodes providing pleasure. Next to it, a red-bitter vermouth like Padró & Co. Yes, sounds strange, since this vermouth, whose taste is sweet-bitter-spicy, is ideal to reach a total gastronomic ecstasy in what it refers to new flavors. And it is that my friends, we must be eager for new sensations, new fragrances and new flavors in perfect harmony.

S.Pellegrino y Vermouth Padró & Co. Rojo Amargo
S.Pellegrino and Vermouth Padró & Co. Rojo Amargo

Cheesecake, water and vermouth is something new, yes, but it is also something worth tasting, analyzing and thereby breaking traditional molds without thereby belittling them. It is like stopping tradition and turning to feeling new sensations that are marked by new flavors.

Dare, taste, analyze and, above all, savor as a whole and see how all of this will bring us great pleasure. That’s what it’s about … pleasure.


  • The flour brings consistency to the cake, but you can do without it and extend the baking time by five minutes. It can also be substituted for cornmeal, which makes it a cake suitable for celiacs.
  • It is important that cream cheese and liquid cream contain as much fat as possible. This is what makes La Viña cheesecake such a special snack.
  • When not carrying a cookie base and butter, like many other cheesecakes, it is essential to use vegetable paper to line the mold. This ensures that the mixture will not come out when baking and it will be easier to unmold.
  • Although this cake is delicious on its own, a few berries or red fruits make it even better. You can serve them fresh or make a coulis by simmering them with a little sugar.

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