Pearls of black truffle, the caviar of the earth


Laumont elaborates an exquisite product that reproduces the shape of a gastronomic icon with the intense flavor of the black diamond of cuisine

The intense flavor of the black truffle has made this product an indispensable ingredient of haute cuisine, coveted by the most select palates. However, its limited production raises its cost in such a way that it has become the ‘black gold’ of gastronomy. In addition, it is a seasonal product that is consumed fresh and that can only be enjoyed all year if it is frozen.

Black truffle pearls add a special flavor to hot and cold dishes

To overcome these problems, the company Lamount puts on the market black truffle pearls, an exquisite and innovative product that reproduces the shape and color of a gastronomic icon such as caviar, with the flavor and powerful aroma of this diamond of the earth. The black truffle pearls are uniform spheres without seams, composed of a membrane of sodium alginate (from seaweed) and a filling of juice and peeling of Tuber melanosporum truffle dipped in extra virgin olive oil.

Perlas de trufa negra Lamount
Lamount Pearls of black truffle

The gourmet trends of recent years have required the development of new products that give originality and flavor to the dishes, through new techniques that fuse with traditional cuisine and offer revolutionary results. This is the case of black truffle pearls, whose consumption is similar to that of traditional caviar and combines with the same ingredients as truffles. Thus, we will find them on salads, in pasta dishes, or with meats and fish both cold or hot.

The black truffle pearls have a shelf life of six months and should always be kept in the refrigerator. Once opened, they must be consumed in a maximum time of five days.

You can buy them in the store, by clicking here.


Photos: Laumont Shop

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